Let's make the world hum with poetry and art

New books "Oscillations" and "Schwingungen" available exclusively from our shop

Let’s make the world hum with poetry and art. Creativity is the highest form of energy flowing in rings and waves around us. Oscillations pulls this energy through you with mandalas and meditative poems, inviting you to make your own connections and conclusions about resonance and
harmony. Universal frequencies are opened by each of the illustrations which are charged with positive energy that you will hear ringing throughout humanity when you let go and open your heart. Listen to our words and choose love.

Oscillations is a project that is very close to our hearts: it is our first fully illustrated collection and the first we have published in German, as “Schwingungen”. The collection includes 27 poems around a wider theme of harmony, humanity and positive energy. It feels like we need more of this every day and I hope that this book will inspire creativity and be a contribution to a world we want to live in, as it comes from a greater love. While I was writing the poems for oscillations, my wife and artist Claudia Habermann was inspired to create the mandalas that make this book a truly original work. Each of them are hand-drawn and took many hours of love.

We chose the 21x21cm square format for our books to pair poems and mandalas harmoniously in the same way we created them. We also chose to work closely with an independent printing company on the first edition and offer this limited edition directly rather than publishing online straight away to build a deeper connection with our audience and ensure the best reproduction of our art. Working on 27 intricate designs is awe-inspiring and we are also proud to share these designs as fine art prints in our shop.

But there is another reason that this project was extraordinary: it introduced us to new friends and partners behind and in front of the camera, to our production team we could not have done without, and other poets in the international poetry community who have shared their feedback and love with us. We are very grateful for this strong support and thank everyone who is part of this project.

We finished Oscillations on a high note when we hosted “A magical summer evening of poetry and art”, a reading and art exhibition at the Intercultural Garden in Fürth with Daniel McCosh, Miriam Otto and Claudia Habermann. We will be holding this event online again in November for those who couldn’t attend in person.