Hi, I'm Daniel

Writing poems keeps me curious about our world. The word poem is rooted in making and creating and poetry has birthed new ways of communicating joy and inspiration since ancient times. I live in Bavaria, Germany and I enjoy exploring the lakes, forests and mountains when I'm not writing, tinkering with typewriters or making experimental electronic music.

Selected publications/performances

Eat the Storms Podcast

√Čliane, Extravagant Venus, The Last Ferry, Painting the Sea

Sarasvati Magazine, Issue 60, Indigo Dreams Publishing

Crow, Teaching Tales, Anthrophony, Painting the Sea, Otto

Fire and Ice Chapbook, Dreich Hybrid Press

Alpha Ballad, Bittersweet

Consilience Journal, Issue 5, Rhythm

24 Hours and 11 minutes


Would you like to get in touch? Enquires and comments are welcome at: post@danielmccosh.com.
This is my personal website. For translation and language consulting visit www.mccosh.de